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Green Building and LEED Consulting for Building Contractors

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Ecostrategic Construction Solutions provides consulting and training services to assist our clients to successfully achieve sustainability goals. We provide the following services:

  • LEED Consulting Services
      LEED Construction Coordination
    • LEED Pricing Analysis
    • LEED Process Development/Optimization
  • Professional Training


LEED Construction Coordination

Are you the contractor on a project that is pursuing LEED Certification and need help meeting the requirements? By providing customized services as a third party LEED Coordinator, ECS can help contractors tailor a thorough approach to complying with LEED requirements. ECS assists the Client to develop a clear understanding of their responsibilities with regards to the project’s LEED goals during construction. We thencreate and manage systems to successfully implement LEED requirements and produce the necessary documentation needed for LEED Certification. A LEED Accredited Professional will collaborate with the construction team throughout the entire process.

LEED Pricing Analysis

Are you bidding a LEED project and need help understanding how project costs will be impacted? ECS can collaborate with contractors during the bidding process to help ensure that LEED related costs are sufficiently accounted for.

LEED Process Development/Optimization

Does your company provide in-house LEED services, or are you interested in doing so? ECS can work with you to get the necessary systems in place to take on this task successfully, or identify solutions for optimizing your current processes.
Professional Training

Education is a key component to sustainability. Providing training allows us to increase our clients awareness of key sustainability practices. Training also allows us to keep clients abreast of changing trends in the industry. Ecostrategic Construction Solutions can provide training in the following areas:
  • LEED Accreditation Workshops
  • LEED Rating System Updates
  • Project Team LEED Awareness
  • LEED Submittal Requirements for Specialty Contractors